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Goddess Pot Holders

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Goddess Pot Holders

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These Goddess pot holders/hot pads make a great gift for yourself, or someone else you love. Made with a layer of Insulbright to protect your hands, these potholders are machine quilted, washable and feature a loop for hanging. They measure 7" x 7"

***Please note - these are not microwave safe***

Sold as a set of two, packaged in our signature muslin drawstring bag, ready for gifting. 

Each set features different goddesses. The goddesses featured are:

Mami Wata (West and Central Africa)
Freya (Norse)
Isis (Egypt)
Bastet (Egypt)
Izanami (Japan)
Pele (Hawaii)
Guanyin (East Asia/China)
Pachamama (Andes)
Kali (India)
Saraswati (India)
Frigg (Norse)
Athena (Greece)

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